5 Types of Penis – Discover Yours!

Although you do not believe it, there are several types of penises: thick, long, curved to the right, thin, etc. But what you should be sure is that despite not being the same ALL cause the best of pleasures, today we will reveal the five types of penis, most popular. Do you dare to recognize them?

If the curvature of the penis very pronounced the penetration can be a bit painful

Banana Style:
The first of our list is Banana penis; it characterized by being very similar to a banana or a banana, narrow at the tip and base and wide in the trunk.
Advantages: If your man has this type of penis feel the happiest of all, since it is the best at the time of penetration, because thanks to having the thin glans facilitate dilation and penetration, having the thick trunk perfectly stimulates the vaginal walls. This type of penis is perfect for ALL sexual positions and not to mention oral sex.
Disadvantages: The only thing that has against this eminence of penis is that perhaps being a little thick in the trunk you need a little help in lubrication, but I’m sure that here we help you with that -> lubricant

It is one of the most common types of penis, characterized by being slightly curved up or down as left or right.
Advantages: By having a small curvature, access to the G-spot facilitated, which translates into guaranteed orgasms and pleasure. Depending on the curve the recommended sexual position for this type of penis would vary, if it is to one side, the ideal would be the teaspoon, if it is below puppy or upward the classic, missionary. Another advantage of having or that your partner has a curved penis is that at the time of oral sex it is easier to perform a “deep throat” if you find the appropriate angle.
Disadvantages: If the curvature of the penis very pronounced the penetration can be a bit painful for both in some positions.

Its primary and most striking characteristic is its glans or head since it is thicker than the trunk and the base.
Advantages: If oral sex is your addiction, this is the ideal penis for you because of thanks to its particular glans, it is perfect for a good fellatio and believes me he will thank you. Regarding sexual positions, the most recommended are those that do not imply a deep penetration and of course the faithful missionary.

Disadvantages: If on the other hand, you are a fan of anal sex, I do not recommend this type of penis because having the thick tip is difficult at the time of penetration. If your boy has this kind of penis do not be alarmed, you can do the “previous” with an initiating anal toy accompanied by a special lubricant for the area. After preparing the area, there would be no problem, of course always accompanied by a good condom.

The particularity of this type of penis is that the glass is thin and little by little it becomes thicker, just like a cone.
Advantages: It is ideal for positions that imply a deep penetration and for those who are new to anal sex. Since thanks to its shape it allows a gradual dilation, since it is similar to the anal initiators, the ideal postures for This type of penis are Puppy, CowGirl, the catapult and all those that imply a deep penetration.
Disadvantages: Due to the particularity of this penis, it is tough to reach point G, which implies a wiggle of hips a bit more aggressive to enter the sacred point. But if hip shaking is not your thing, we recommend that you check the pen covers, since they could give you a hand.

This friend of mine is the most common form of a penis that exists, it is entirely straight, and a little pointed on the glans.
Advantages: Being straight anal sex facilitated when you experienced since the anus adapts to the thickness of the limb and it is easier to enter and exit. For this type of penis the classic positions are ideal, so to practice what romantic and it does not hurt to add one or another sex toy to put the thing a little spicier.
Disadvantages: The positions that require an in-depth penetration may not be the most ideal for this type of penis because if it is too long, it can be painful, so slowly until you discover the point of ecstasy.

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