Cold and Heat: Play with Temperature

Hot and cold games may sound a bit strange if you’ve never tried them, but in reality, they are very simple and honestly give the preliminaries a unique touch and an additional erotic charge.
Have you ever tried during the summer heat to place on the naked body of your partner a bucket of ice or during the cold winter evenings to play with the drops of hot wax from a candle? The idea is to introduce a variety of new games where overwhelming sensations are experienced to increase the pleasure of your sexual relationship.

cold and heat in the sex

There are many simple ways to introduce you to the world of the game of Cold and Heat, you can start to explore with the temperature taking the bed just some ice cubes or unique candles for massages. Using ice is very easy: the cubes are dropped slowly on the bare skin of your partner, keeping in mind that some parts of the body, such as breasts, nipples, and thighs are susceptible to cold.

One suggestion to increase the sensual charge is to cover your partner’s eyes with a mask or mask before starting to play, It’s a different way to have fun, adding a little sensuality to the moment and letting you discover the most hidden sensations.
In addition to the unique candles for massages, there are on the market the oils with heat effect, flavored and edible that when rubbing them on the skin of your partner with an erotic massage this will feel a slight sensation of heat. There are also on the market gels or intimate lubricants with severe effect if you prefer that they can use during penetration.

Some sex toys made of metal or glass are ideal for playing since they retain the temperature, and can be cooled in the freezer or with ice water and heated in a container with hot water (never boiling).

You have to pay attention to the temperatures of the objects used since, on contact with the body, whether it is very cold or sweltering, it could damage your partner’s skin. Before placing an object on the skin, we have to make sure that it is at a reasonable temperature.
The secrets to having fun with the temperature are in your hands; so try to reach the highest points of pleasure by raising or lowering your partner’s temperature.

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