Magic Wand – The Best Friend of Women!

Magic Wand – The Best Friend of Women!

The Magic Wand, is one of those Sex Toys that if a woman uses it once, then it becomes her number 1 Fan. It is unanimously considered as the best vibrator in the world with a fascinating story.

Magic Wand is available in materials such as silicone
Born in 1968 in Japan, as a simple massager. From the beginning with a very soft head and with cable feeding which allowed the use of much more powerful engines. In the beginning, the producers did not understand what the massager’s event among women was. But little by little it was easy to understand the enthusiasm of the ladies who until then had the maximum pleasure just by sitting in the washing machine during the centrifuge cycle. Gradually came the improvements to the vibrator: longer cables, speed regulator to adapt to all types of a clitoris and many more soft and hygienic materials.

And where is the magic of the most famous wand in the world? The secrets are three:

  • A hefty head to amplify the vibrations.
  • A very flexible neck that reduces the waves that reach the handle of the toy.
  • An engine with a ventilation system that does not overheat allowing it to rotate at high speeds.

Today the Magic Wand is available in materials such as silicone, with interchangeable heads and best of all without the cable. And let technology live. Its primary function is to stimulate the clitoris of women in all its points to reach the head of the iceberg and unleash the best orgasms!
Along with rabbit vibrators, or also called bunny, are considered the best Sex Toys of all time a kind of iPhone Vibrators.

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