Seven Steps to Boost your Oral Sex

Take each other to ecstasy, suck, lick, use the tongue. Cunnilingus (in it) or a fellatio (in it), oral sex is one of the most satisfying and intimate sexual acts that can be performed or received.

idea how to offer pleasure to your mouth

However, performing oral sex on your partner can be stressful – as it may be to receive it – if you have no idea how to offer pleasure to your mouth.
With the idea that they can enjoy, we give them seven tips to give and receive oral sex:

1) Relax when you receive it: If you are nervous or shy when receiving oral sex, then you will not be able to enjoy it. While you are clean, there will be nothing to be ashamed of.
So learn to put aside your inhibitions.

2) Keep it clean: Fears about smell and taste are essential inhibitors when it comes to enjoying oral sex. To make sure your partner is relaxed a shower may well help before the big time. They will feel more secure and enjoy more.

3) You are what you eat: There is a scientific debate about whether there is a correlation between what you eat and your fluids. Some studies suggest that this relationship does exist. What could contribute to a bad taste in your fluids is tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, processed food, and fish.

4) Lubricants and condoms of flavors: Have at your fingertips a selection of oils and condoms of characteristics that you and your partner like. Nothing kills passion more than running to the bathroom to drink water because of a wrong choice of taste.

5) Talk The best way to find out what feels right is to talk about it. Feedback is vital if you want to receive the best oral sex. If you intend to enjoy the best oral sex, tell him what your partner likes.

6) Control sucking: A lot of sex guides talk about the merits of sucking the penis or clitoris during oral sex, but there is a fine line between pleasure and discomfort. Men tend to enjoy more sucking, while women, finding their clitoris is too sensitive, do not entirely prefer suction.

7) Use a sex toy to increase feelings: Oral sex can improve by using sex toys near the mouth. A vibrating ring for the or a vibrating bullet for it can be the ideal complement.

Let your imagination run free!

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