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CAPRICORN, Dec. 22 – Jan. 19: They are the missionaries of the zodiac. Loyal, consistent and constant, you Capricorn may not be among the most creative, but without doubt, they do it very well. You can always count on a Capricorn even from the original point of view: prudent and reserved at the beginning; they manage to bewitch and surprise the couple as soon as they begin to warm up.

AQUARIUS, 20 Jan – 17 Feb: full of imagination and adventure lovers, it is one of the signs of the evilest zodiac. Audacious and very hot, this sign loves to experiment with sex, doing it in the most unusual ways, far from the rules and conventions. The position that best describes them is La Cascada. Of a pleasant nature and inclined to experiment. Aquarians are always ready when it comes to spicy encounters.

PISCES, 18 Feb – 19 Mar: of a shy and sentimental nature. The people of this sign make only love. The sexual position that best represents them is the Position of the Spoon. They are easily affected and are acutely aware of the needs of their partner; they are very vigorous and very sexy. If you conquer a Pisces, assume that the conquered was you.

The Sex Horoscope

ARIES, Mar 20 – Apr 19: Bold and impulsive, those born under the sign of Aries know how to prevail …. and they will preferably do it from behind. The position that best reflects your state of mind is the Puppy Position: this sign likes to handle the situation and dominate. If what you are looking for in an active and direct relationship, then all you need is an Aries.

TAURUS, 20 Apr – 20 May: lazy and persistent, tolerant and condescending, they let you take the reins, but they are the ones who manage the ride. It is a possible sign, and you can trust (the condom is insured), so do not expect a relationship of one night, because it can become very possessive. Remember that Taurus does not enjoy strong emotions, so you have to be gentle.

GEMINI, May 21 – June 20: full of energy and imagination. Oral sex lovers characterized by their frequent personality changes, and thanks to this in bed you can always experience new sensations. The position that best describes them is the 69. Curious and spontaneous, of the Gemini you can expect everything, but you have to be attentive as they can be a bit superficial and talk about more. Boredom is not the characteristic that this sign represents, expect quick and very lively moments.

CANCER, 21 Jun – 22 Jul: very sensitive and affectionate: protective and concerned about being well with your partner. The position that best describes them is that of Las Viñas Enlazadas. Those of the Cancer sign is sentimental and romantic so that they will fill you with caresses and many attentions. If you are not interested in the relationship, better inform as soon as possible and not feed false hope that will then hurt you deeply.

LEO, 23 Jul – 22 Aug: egocentric, wants to be the center of attention, so in every sexual position tend to be the stars. They love to give unique experiences: they are the ones that make a lot of noise … and when they exaggerate, they hear even the neighbors. It is the sign of fire with intense and passionate love stories. Do not be surprised if he asks you to do it in front of the mirror or to film it to have a little fun.

Astrology, Love, and Sex.

VIRGO, 22 Aug – 22 Sep: Practical, precise and meticulous, love any position that looks at the direct stimulation of the clitoris. The people of this sign tend to be a perfectionist and very self-critical, so if you did not understand the point, they would go directly to something else. Being methodical and logical, do not expect unusual places to have sex: forget about the washing machine, the desk or the car. But do not worry you will be surprised.

LIBRA, 23 Sep – 22 Oct: It said that the people of Libra know how to do very well, talking about sex of course. Diplomatic, calm and perhaps a little superficial, always attentive to demonstrate the maximum to be sure that everyone observes them. Balanced and lovers of aesthetics, they like to have fun in bed, as long as it is clean and tidy.

SCORPIO, Oct. 23 – Nov 21: Great observers, you can recognize that you lie miles away, so do not ever try to fake orgasm. Independent and able to obtain everything they want, they are the actual sex killers of the zodiac. Those born under this sign know well how to satisfy themselves and the couple. They have many resources, they are dynamic and can sexually manipulate their partner. They like to have control and dominate: and like scorpions, they know where to attack, and they do it determinedly, so you have to be ready for everything.

SAGITTARIUS, 22 Nov – 21 Dec: they are the independents of the group. Their strength, which in turn is their weakness, is in their exceptional independence, for this reason, they have no problem in insisting when they can do something in one way concerning others. Philosophers and adventurers, freedom is at the top of the list of your desires. They live emotionally disordered periods: moments in which they have several couples and minutes in which they are satisfied alone or with the help of a sex toy.

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