Top #5 – Pubic Hair

Currently, there are many haircuts: short, long, with balayage, with Californian, etc. But when it comes to your pubic hair, do you know what style to use? Here we gave ourselves the task of investigating the trends in this topic, and we made a top 5 of the best techniques (and the most popular ones) so that your particular zone looks like a heart attack.

wear the sexiest bikini you have without worrying that a little hair appears.

It is the most popular among the most daring females. Is to stay without one hair, as you read, you remove the pubic hair and the anal area, but to do it you have to be an expert in wax because it is a bit painful, and after of a few waxed you get used to. It is perfect if you have already planned the summer holidays for the Caribbean, you can wear the sexiest bikini you have without worrying that a little hair appears.

This is undoubtedly the favorite of many since you can keep some naturalness in your area and make your partner see that you have made a small effort to please her too. The shape of this style reminds the Eiffel Tower, where he is because of the name. If you want you can keep or remove the hair from the anal area and lips, the part of the pubis you are going to shave leaving only a line of hair from a Thick finger, they love it, and it is also suitable for those summer vacations.

Bermuda Triangle
It is perfect for those who want to leave their sacred temple a little hidden, but with a beautiful design, as the name indicates the hair is shaved or failing shaved in the shape of an inverted triangle, it is a sexy but conservative look.

Romantic Fantasy
It is the choice of those inveterate romantics who want to take the fantasies of their partner to another level, yes they must be experts in this shaving. Is to cut the hair with the design or shape of a character that you like to your partner or some unique nickname, some choose to cut it in the way of a heart and so when you lower the thong you see the reflection of the love that you have.

Amazon jungle
It is unique for those who love the natural in all senses, is the favorite of those who love the smell of pubic hair and love the touch at the time of sexual intercourse.
After reading our top 5, which one is your favorite?

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