Starting out with a part-time modelling career in 2004, what began as a sideline has a vocation for me. I’ve worked as a Civil Servant, Waitress, Paralegal, Sales Clerk, Administrator, Fines Officer, Dominatrix, Motor Claims Handler, Dancer, Advertising Executive and a whole bunch of other things in my lifetime, but I now freelance as a writer, model, adult Ecommerce boffin and occasional TV presenter and actress. Keeping work varied keeps my passion for it alive, so you’ll find me doing everything from a sex advice column in your Sunday newspaper and bondage demonstrations for a TV show to building web content and creating marketing campaigns for brands.

In my free time I loved, learned and set to work exploring all that life has to offer. There was Jager, there was JD, there was incredible music, there was the regrettable sleaze rock stage and there was of course the rubber-clad, shiny beacon of the London fetish scene.

I learned much of what sparked my interest in human sexuality first and second hand, working, socialising and having relationships within the UK fetish scene. My natural curiosity lead me to learn more, forging my passionate interest in human sexuality. Over the years I’ve read, worked and played to expand my knowledge, and I continue to do so today. I also dedicate a lot of time sharing that knowledge and using it to help others.

About My Writing

The English language has always been alluring and interesting to me and since I was a brat I’ve had the ability to sit down and churn out text on any given subject. Short stories, poetry, songs, reviews, articles….just give me the brief and a deadline and I will hit my keyboard senseless until the finished product is something you’ll want to stick on your fridge. Writing about sex and sexuality has made me happier than all of the times I snuck into a club underage combined, and it’s made me hungry for more. I still make a mental ‘happy dance’ when I’m handed a brief and I keep a retro ring-binder-style paper portfolio as a personal record of work. Awww.

Having a personal interest in web design and online sales gave me the perfect springboard for making something more of my writing. In the age of Ecommerce there are plenty of opportunities for a well-read geek to find a client or three in need of good content, marketing and PR. I found my niche with sex toy manufacturers, adult retailers and other adult industry points of sale, mixing my knowledge of sex with my interest in all things web-based to create a career that fits me as well as a custom-made rubber catsuit.